One-on-one mentoring
for wedding planners ready to level up

You adore what you do but you're wondering...What comes next?

Maybe you need tools to refill your creative well or your business has plateaued and you’re not sure how to expand your reach (and revenue). 

We all hit these moments of uncertainty, but I’m here to tell you:

You don’t need to navigate this alone.

I work exclusively with wedding planners and designers who are motivated to overcome roadblocks and see their business shine. Through private, one-on-one mentoring, we’ll work together to find the path forward that best fits you and your business.

I can’t wait to help you on this journey!
Reach out directly to me to get started. 

“unique and spectacular masterclass

Claire's Masterclass was an enriching experience that still motivates me to make changes and improvements in my work. Claire opened her heart to teach with grace and love her extensive experience, which has placed her as one of the best wedding planners. Very grateful for everything taught. Simply unmissable. Every detail was taken care of with professionalism. I can't wait to repeat the experience."

- Karina Montilla

I made my way in this industry alone...but you don't have to

When I switched careers from international development to wedding planning, I had no playbook … no mentor to guide me.

I jumped straight into the wedding planning world completely alone, feeling my way forward through trial and error. I had to figure out how to appeal to my ideal clients, how to instill trust when I hadn’t yet built a portfolio, how to value my work.

Looking back on those years of growth, I wish I’d had someone to lead me, to give me a roadmap. As wedding planners, we give so much of ourselves to our couples — and I wouldn’t ever change that — but I’ve learned we also need to make space for our own needs and betterment.

Just because I navigated this industry on my own doesn’t mean others should. Sharing what I’ve learned over the years of planning weddings is my way to show up for others in this world. I’d love to show up for you too.

Since founding Claire Durán Weddings & Events in 2014, I have been honored to see my work in the pages of Vogue, Brides and more. I was named “top planner” by Martha Stewart Weddings. But none of these honors have come by sitting still. My team and I have worked hard to constantly hone our craft, improve our processes, and reflect on how best to serve our wedding clients. 

And now I share my expertise with wedding planners like you with a passion for creating custom events and inspiring, tangible art for wedding couples across the world.

Private Mentoring

Before we even meet, I’ll familiarize myself with your business so we’re ready to jump into our work together. During our initial conversation, we’ll concentrate on key areas of your choice. 

Our subsequent sessions will focus on diving into your chosen subjects with an eye on creating actionable steps and strategies to achieve your vision.

Through it all, you’ll be guided by someone who gets the intricacies of this business and is invested in your success.

how it works

The Process

  • Pricing yourself for profitability
  • Building a team
  • Structuring efficient operations
  • Breaking into the destination market
  • Attracting your ideal client
  • Boosting your portfolio
  • Creating trust with your clients
  • Preparing and presenting budgets
  • Preparing and presenting designs
  • Elevating the client + guest experience
  • And more! Your specific needs dictate the path of our conversations!

Topics we may cover:

your investment

For pricing details and more information, reach out!

Even considering a mentor relationship is a huge step forward for your business! Take a sec to cheer yourself on for that alone :) My pricing structure for private mentoring considers the value of our tailored sessions, exclusive access to my own personal resources and the possibility for ongoing support.

2 hours

Ideal for covering 
2-3 topics

3 hours

Ideal for covering 
3-5 topics

4 hours

Ideal for covering 
5-6 topics

hourly consults

Available after completing 4 mentoring hours

“I really can't thank Claire ENOUGH for daring to give us so much knowledge and experience.

The experience was EXTREMELY enriching! Above all because of the structure that I knew. I had certain doubts and "gaps" about how to manage the processes with our clients (both first contact and heading-up to the Event), to project the level we wanted and thus aspire to a better clientele, and not waste time with clients who do not match our style and vision. And I can say with complete confidence that I left with all my questions answered and with new ideas and methods, which at the Marketing and Sales level I know will work; so for our business I know that the Master Class was definitely a boost that will take it to the next level. They certainly exceeded my expectations and I can't wait to apply everything I learned and see the change in our company!"

- Melissa Amarante


private mentoring is investing in you

Trust me, your future self will thank you


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