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The Wedding Style Cocktail Personality Quiz

You’ve found your perfect romantic match.

Now it’s time to discover your perfect wedding day style … in cocktail form!

To get started, simply choose the answer that best represents you.


QUESTION 1 – At home, you can be found:

A.) Hanging out with friends and family that have popped past for an impromptu visit.

B.) Cultivating an eclectic hobby.

C.) Sleeping, after a long week of socializing.

D.) Planning your next international trip.


QUESTION 2 – In your wardrobe, there’s mostly:

A.) Beige, brown and cream with a few pops of warmth here and there.

B.) Whites and reds.

C.) A little bit of everything! You’ve got a color for every occasion.

D.) Soft pastels and creams.


QUESTION 3 – You like to read:

A.) Fiction and romance books.

B.) Biographies and literary fiction.

C.) … Does social media count? You rarely sit still enough to finish a full book.

D.) Vogue and design blogs.


QUESTION 4 – When you see your family you:

A.) Can’t wait to give them a long, warm hug!

B.) Field questions and curiosity about your recent adventures.

C.) Have them laughing and grinning in under a minute.

D.) Effortlessly slip into your role as host.


QUESTION 5 – You believe your wedding day is:

A.) A beautiful and heartfelt family event you’ll cherish forever.

B.) The ultimate celebration of your love.

C.) A party they’ll be talking about for years to come.

D.) A legacy of your love.


QUESTION 6 – You’re looking forward to a honeymoon:

A.) Filled with romantic moments and memories.

B.) Where you can explore new sights and experiences.

C.) Packed with fun, love and laughter.

D.) Where you can relax and enjoy fine dining and exceptional surroundings.



With warm wit and a heart of gold, you’re the quintessential traditionalist. You have your feet planted firmly on the ground and believe your wedding day is a beautiful opportunity to bring the family together and celebrate your love. You believe in time-tested rituals, hand-written thank you cards, traditional touches and venues with history and heart.

Color inspiration: Warm, earthy tones, whiskey brown with a pop of burnt orange.

What to tell your wedding planner and stylist: Ditch the sweetheart table and let’s set up a giant head table so we can sit with our families and wedding party! We want them right there next to us.


You’re the enigmatic person that everyone wants to get to know better. You have a Mona Lisa smile, Bette Davis eyes and a well-worn passport that bears the proof of your cultured ways. When you have a chance, you love visiting museums, art galleries and exhibitions, and you appreciate fine design and understated luxury.

Color inspiration: Cool, crisp tones and whites with a drop of bold red or green.

What to tell your wedding planner and stylist: Let’s skip the boring mashed potatoes, chicken and green. We’re all about culinary surprises and more intricate elements in our menu tasting.


You can’t wait to throw the celebration of the century! You believe music should be loud, laughter should be louder and dancing is always mandatory. You’re generous, playful, creative and love making sure that your friends, family and loved ones have an incredible time with you.

Color inspiration: Bright tones, hot pinks, reds, purples and greens.

What to tell your wedding planner and stylist: What’s a DJ? Get me the best band in town!


Okay, it’s not a cocktail, but you believe champagne is the everyday luxury any elegant wedding can’t live without. You have exquisite taste and believe that anything done should be done well. You have a fine eye for design, art and style and believe no expense should be spared on your special day. After all, this is your love story brought to life!

Color inspiration: Pastels, creams, beige, soft pinks and bubbly yellows.

What to tell your wedding planner and stylist: Bring on all the peonies!


Now that you’ve discovered your wedding day style, it’s time to begin creating a vision for your special day!

But wait, before you do … there’s something you need first.

Ten things we wish every bride and groom knew: Your essential survival guide for planning a wedding you’ll love. 


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