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The Making Of A Wedding: D+S edition

Welcome to the inaugural post of our new series, “The Making Of,” where we invite you to delve into the creative process of bringing our extraordinary events to life. At Claire Duran Weddings and Events, our expertise spans the three major areas of event-making: planning, designing, and producing. In this series, we aim to provide you with an inside look at the nuances of our design concepts and how we turn them into breathtaking realities.

For this first installment, we are excited to share the magical journey of planning and designing multiple days of celebrations for D+S in the enchanting venue of Casa de Campo, La Romana, in the Dominican Republic. Join us as we explore the inspirations and intricacies behind Days 2 and 3 of this wedding weekend.

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Before we delve into the design concepts, let’s set the stage with the three captivating venues that served as the backdrops for the couple’s celebration:

Welcome Party at Minitas Beach Club

The festivities commenced at the picturesque Minitas Beach Club, a stunning beachside venue that perfectly captured the essence of a music festival. The natural beauty of the ocean, combined with the vibrant spirit of Burning Man, set the tone for a lively and immersive experience. Guests were welcomed into a desert oasis, replete with tipis, bonfires, and tipi lounges, where they could revel in the warm embrace of camaraderie and music.

Wedding Ceremony at Casa Alegre in Casa de Campo

The couple’s union was celebrated in the intimate setting of Casa Alegre, a private villa that exuded tranquility and modern minimalism. Breaking away from tradition, the ceremony featured a non-traditional chuppah, a three-legged structure with a round top, symbolizing the completeness of their love. The circular layout of the seating allowed everyone to feel connected, akin to the harmonious waves of sound that embraced the senses.

Wedding Reception at Altos de Chavon Amphitheater

The grand finale unfolded at the majestic Altos de Chavon’s Amphitheater. Drawing inspiration from the amphitheater’s morphology, the design revolved around the concept of expansion and sonic waves. The circular dancefloor became the heart of the celebration, where the couple’s love radiated in perfect harmony with the pulsating beats of music. The entire layout, from the table elements to the DJ booth, was infused with circular motifs, representing the unending cycle of love.


Desert Vibes inspired Welcome Party

The Welcome Party took place at the picturesque Minitas Beach Club, where the couple’s love for music and the Burning Man festival came to life in a mesmerizing desert oasis. The design elements blended seamlessly to create an immersive experience for the guests, setting the stage for the days of celebration ahead.

Inspiration: A Desert Oasis and Music Festival Fusion

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant spirit of the Burning Man festival and the allure of a desert oasis, the Welcome Party at Minitas Beach Club was a visual and sensory delight. The couple’s passion for music became evident in the lively atmosphere, while the beachside setting added a touch of natural beauty to the celebration.

Bonfires and Tipi Lounges: Surrounding the DJ booth were strategically placed bonfires and tipi lounges. These cozy spots encouraged guests to relax, engage in intimate conversations, and foster a sense of community and togetherness, just like the gatherings at the Burning Man festival.

DJ Booth Tipi with Twinkling Lights: At the heart of the party stood a captivating DJ booth tipi adorned with twinkling lights, reminiscent of the magical atmosphere found at music festivals. The booth served as a vibrant centerpiece, symbolizing the warmth of a blazing tipi fire.

Immersive Decor: The venue was transformed into a desert oasis with sand-like flooring and desert-inspired decorations. Each detail, from earthy tones to cacti and desert flora, contributed to the immersive experience.

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Dreamy Seafront Ceremony

The ceremony, held at the elegant Casa Alegre, was a remarkable display of love and unity. Breaking away from tradition, the design aimed to create a harmonious atmosphere, where the couple’s journey of togetherness was symbolized through the distinctive chuppah and the circular seating arrangement.

Inspiration: Love’s Completeness and Harmonious Union

The ceremony design drew inspiration from the concept of completeness and harmony, represented by the unique chuppah and the circular layout. The aim was to create an intimate setting that allowed every guest to feel connected to the couple’s love story.

Circular Seating Arrangement: Surrounding the chuppah, the chairs were arranged in a circular wave motion, creating an amphitheater-like setting. This layout allowed everyone to have an unobstructed view of the couple and participate in their special moment.

Non-Traditional Chuppah: The chuppah featured a non-traditional design – a three-legged structure with a round top. This circular representation symbolized the completeness of the couple’s love and their commitment to an everlasting bond.

Elegant Decor: The decor exuded elegance and sophistication, with soft floral arrangements, delicate drapery, and subtle touches of the couple’s personal style.

Lavish Reception at Altos de Chavón’s Amphitheater

The grand finale of the wedding weekend took place at Casa De Campo’s Amphitheater, where the design was inspired by the power of music and love. The reception celebrated the couple’s union with a dynamic layout, centered around the circular dancefloor as a symbol of their love’s enduring nature.

Inspiration: The Power of Music and Endless Love

Building on the couple’s passion for music and the transformative nature of sound, the reception design aimed to evoke a sense of expansion and sonic waves, reflecting the couple’s journey of love and togetherness.

Dynamic Layout: The entire reception layout expanded from the dancefloor in dynamic layers, mirroring the amphitheater morphology. This design element showcased the couple’s love as an ever-expanding force.

DJ Booth with Synced Lights: At the center of it all was the DJ booth, adorned with lights that blinked to the rhythm of the music, amplifying the atmosphere of celebration and fun.

Circular Dancefloor: The circular dancefloor served as the pulsating core of the reception, symbolizing the couple’s love that knows no boundaries. Guests were drawn to this central space, where they could dance and celebrate the joyous occasion.

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Stay tuned for more installments of “The Making Of,” where we will continue to reveal the behind-the-scenes magic that brings dream events to life. Let us know how you liked this series, and we look forward to sharing more unforgettable stories with you!


Planning, Design and Production by Claire Duran Weddings & Events

Photos by Jake Anderson

Welcome Party Venue: Minitas Beach Club in Casa de Campo

Ceremony and Cocktail Hour Venue: Casa Alegre

Reception Venue: Amphitheater of Altos de Chavón in Casa de Campo

Lighting and Sound by Prodigium

Music: DJ Vikkas Sapra & Musicians

Flowers by NAB Designs

Rentals by Divano, Eventos del Cibao & Nuage

Custom Installations by Eccentrico Studio

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